grouping your products makes them easier to manage

We've added a new dropdown to the Products screen (Default View, not Advanced View).  You can view All Products, Ungrouped Products, and you'll also see options for each product group you've created. 

When you select one or more products in your Products List, you'll see a new option to "Create Product Group" in the bottom left corner.

Next, just enter the name of the group.  For example, you may want to group all products in a particular Adcode or offer setup.  Notice in the screenshot below that we're calling this group "MOJODEMO1".

Now in the Checkout Funnels screen you can see and expand the newly-created MOJODEMO1 product group to choose the products in it.

When your Product Group is selected in the dropdown, you'll see new options at the bottom right corner to edit or delete the group.

When deleting a group you'll have the options to delete just the group and keep the products (which then appear in the Ungrouped Products list) or delete the group and the products within it.

Easy!  Here are some quick notes:

  • You can add the same product to multiple groups
  • Groups don't change any functionality or behavior in your Checkout Funnels, Checkout Page, or anything like that.  They are just to make it easier to organize your products.