Big changes coming to Mojo!

When you log into Mojo on Tuesday, May 4th you'll see the first of three major updates to Mojo in the next 9 months!

Tuesday, May 4th

On May 4 you'll see a version of Mojo that uses easier-to-understand terminology, has two new major features, and a cleaner navigation. Mojo Admin will be offline until 12pm Eastern on Tuesday while we deploy this update.  Your sites will not be affected during this update.  More on the May 4th changes below.





And then, in late JUNE

In the 2nd half of June you'll see our incredible new visual editor with an improved design, new widgets, and powerful new features to make it faster than ever to create high-converting landing pages. This new editor has been in development for over a year and you're going to love it!





The big one...Q1 2022

In Q1 2022 you'll see a whole new Mojo, rebuilt from the ground up. This one's a game-changer and you're going to hear all about it and get a sneak peek at the end of this summer.






What you'll see on Tuesday, May 4

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The goal of this release is to make it easier to learn and use Mojo without needing new training if you're already a user. Most things are still in the same place but probably have new names.

We've also added a new feature called Test and we (finally!) made it possible to create products directly in Mojo without the need of an Excel file.

Same Place, Different Name

Everything is in the same spot but probably has a new name.


  • Production Sites is now Landing Pages
  • Pages & Styles is now Designs
  • Offers & Prices is now Products
  • Checkout & Flow is now Checkout Funnels
  • Order Lookup is now Customers



Same Integrations, 

More New Names

We just did light housekeeping in the Integrations section.



Consolidated Admin Settings
Consolidated Admin Settings

We created a new navigation menu called Admin Settings and moved some stuff there, like Copy Settings, Change Logs (renamed from Admin Logs), and more.

It’s not a 

 “Default Site” anymore

We changed the Site Action “set as default site” to “set as the home page for the selected domains”.

And goodbye to 

“Marketing Campaigns”

Let’s be honest - they’ve always been Vanity URLs and we should have always called them that. 

 So now they’re Vanity URLs.

Bye Bye Excel Offer Sheets!*

7 short years later, you can now create your products directly in Mojo Admin without using an Excel document.  

You can still use the old Excel offer sheet functionality as before - just click "Switch to Advanced View".  Better still, you can use both!  Products uploaded with an Excel document do not appear in the Products List but they can still be used in Checkout Funnels.

The new Products screen supports single pay, multi-pay, subscription, and free products.  You can easily create, edit, duplicate, and delete products.

*Well, Excel isn't really gone.  You can still use offer sheets if you want. Just click on "Advanced View" in the Products screen.

And introducing 

Product Rules

We’ve created a new function called Product Rules so you can still create upgrades, bonuses, included and excluded products, and location-specific products. 

There’s an equivalent rule for just about every worksheet in the old Excel offer sheet.

It wasn't easy creating a user interface that provided the same flexibility as our Excel offer sheets, but we think Product Rules did it!

And now it's easier than ever to see all the rules that affect your products in one place, without having to switch back and forth between Excel worksheets.

Better still, when you create a rule you'll have on-screen help that describes how the rule works and how it affects your Checkout Funnel.

Testing is now easier 

and more powerful than ever!

(and see your entire testing history and results at a glance)

Creating A/B tests in Mojo was always easy, but analyzing test results and seeing what tests you've run previously...well, wasn't so easy.  So we fixed that by creating a new Tests screen!

You can run concurrent A/B tests on separate domains now.  Test end automatically based on conditions you set.  And at the conclusion of each test you (and your team) will receive a real-time email with the test results!